Egg CSA subscriptions

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Offered year round. We deliver eggs to your doorstep every two weeks. You subscribe once a year and can order a small share (one dozen) or large share (two dozen); we will deliver them every two weeks. (You must pay the total amount up-front for this CSA.) Our hens are raised on pasture, which means they get to wander to their hearts' delight, eating grass, clover, grasshoppers and anything else they find. That rich diet makes for big, delicious eggs with rich yolks. They're great for breakfast; they also make a great meringue for a pie. We deliver the eggs to you just a day or two after the hens lay them at our farm just off Georgetown Road in Fayette County. We deliver to you straight from the farm; it's hard to have fewer "food miles" than that. Spring is a great time to order. The hens are laying like crazy. By fall, sometimes shortages keep us from selling new shares. We'd love to have you join our egg CSA. Very few people quit once they start. What's better than having eggs delivered to your front door every couple weeks? OK, we know. But so far we're drawing the line at cooking them for you.